About Me


I am a professional counselor using Integrative therapeutic approach with a diploma in therapeutic counseling, after studying Psychology at the Open University. 

My professional experience includes work with people from various social back-grounds and of different nationalities with mental health issues, sufferers of abuse or neglect both during childhood and as adults, victims of domestic violence, and working with severe trauma related to sexual abuse, neglect and addiction.

My basic therapeutic approach is called Person Centred, not only because this was the main focus of my studies but also because I believe that every individual is valued and deserves respect. Above all, however, this conviction is my way of live and an inseparable part of my identity.


I have been working with children a couple of years now, where my work has been on a whole-family approach and the issue of the impact of domestic violence on children.  I have also just started a year-long pilot project at  Walsall primary school, where I support children and young people suffering from trauma, different forms of neglect and less serious cases of mental health issues.

 Apart from my professional experience, as a person I have a natural ability to deal with people in need or distress: working with people suffering depression, anxiety and issues around domestic violence has always appealed to me, since I have had direct personal experience of living in an abusive environment myself.

One of my strong points is an awareness of diversity in our society.  Since I come from another country, I have had a chance to observe and get to know different cultural mentalities and experience their consequences, and this has enabled me to see things from different angles.

I am fluent in English and Polish, and I also understand Russian and Czech.

I also offer supervisions for counsellors at an affordable price. The reason being I’m just completing a Counselling Supervision course and until I receive the diploma I have to stick with the prices dictated by the course provider.

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