Our clients say

I was neglected as a child but never knew about that. Struggled all my life with too high expectations of myself with and self-hatred
It led me to the point where I started thinking more and more about a suicide and eventually made an attempt to take my life.
Im still here. Im happy, thanks to having learned the new coping strategies in contrast to having just one, extreme and dangerous
And i have a network of support if dark thoughts about my childhood come back.
I came to kate's with an acute depression after losing my job because of being harassed (i have dyslexia). She helped me to understand and accept my condition, stop blaming myself and helped me to believe in myself, and to accept and treat my feelings accordingly. She taught me to love myself. I will never stop being grateful for that.
These hours of hard work in therapy helped me open the door that I never knew existed. Door to myself.
Now I can understand what the inner me, the suffering me, the sad me, and the scared me is saying.
And I’Il know how to help and support myself.
Thank you kate
I realised, at 28, that I've never been happy with my gender. It was a lucky discovery that helped me to understand a lot of problems and suffering, which I kept experiencing repeatedly over the years. But realising what the problem is, is just the first step along the path towards the salvage. It takes subsequent months or years to gain courage to come out, make a decision about starting the process, help to make understand yourself and the people in your life that, that is what you want, that you won't lose your identity, on the contrary, you’ll find it and will finally be yourself. It had been hard for me, to hide it from my loved ones, who I knew, would find it difficult to understand, accept and support me. So, I had to struggle alone with my own fear on one hand, and the lack of understanding and prejudice on the other. It's a long way but I've already completed most of it and I'm not far from the place I want to be in.